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Hangers For All Languages

Yes I will admit that this is a rather unusual title.  But stick with me here because it will all make sense in a little bit. I need some new haters for my posh new apartment and I… Read More

Bilingual SEO In Portland

As you already know I am very pro anybody being bilingual and if you are against it you are a dinosaur.  As I have been preaching if you are bilingual in America you can get almost any job… Read More

On The Job

You have to be kidding me. My cousin owns a pretty successful roofing business and as you can imagine they have quite a few of hispanic workers.  And my cousin does not speak a word of Spanish. So he… Read More

Yo Hablo

Yo no hablo Español. Thats right I do not know how to speak Spanish.  I need to learn.  I actually really really need to learn for these reasons: You can pretty get any job you want if you… Read More

Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my amazing blog Word Compatibility. As you may or may not know from my about me page is that I am going to be talking or I should say blogging about my process to becoming bilingual…. Read More