Hey John here.   This is about me and what this blog is all about.

I am a father of 3.  My wife teaches at a Spanish immersion  school and 2 of my kids attend the school as students.  My 3rd child is to sound for school right now.  I am a big fan of the Spanish immersion school model.  Actually I am a big fan of any type of language immersion type of school model.  I have a niece and nephew that attend a Chinese immersion school.

Anyway I me and my son are the only ones that do not speak Spanish in my house and eventually I will be the only one.

I need to change that and that is what is going to be talked about.

I always struggled with Spanish when I took it in High School but that is no excuse so I will be chaining that.  Nobody in my family growing up was bilingual so it was never a priority for me but that is going to change.  I am going to break the mold and be bilingual with the rest of my family.

Join me on my journey as I become bilingual.  Word Compatibility is my journey and me telling you why you should be bilingual.