Hangers For All Languages

Yes I will admit that this is a rather unusual title.  But stick with me here because it will all make sense in a little bit.

I need some new haters for my posh new apartment and I did not want to go with the boring plastic or cheap wire ones.  So I started to research some cool hangers online and I came across this website http://copperhangers.com

I was amazed that you can actually have some stylish hangers.  I wanted stylish hangers for my apartment because I have an open coat closet wit no doors so that means everyone will be able to see my hangers right when they walk in and I want them to get a great first impression.  And the best way to give them a first impression is with some amazingly stylish hangers that they will see right away and use.

Now you might be asking how the heck does this have anything to do with being bilingual or anything having to do with languages.

Here it goes.  I noticed that this website was only selling hangers in America and they were only using one language on their website.  So after some extensive research I found out who the owner of the website was and I messaged them.  I asked them if they wanted more business and they of course answered back yes.  But they first asked me to get lost if I was another solicitor from India or China.  And I answered back that I was not but I was living in America and I happened to be bilingual.

I proposed we partner up by selling their product in different languages and in different countries.  They immediately said yes.

So we started with Canada since they speak English and it would be easy to figure out shipping and customers with another country that speaks the same language.  We had a steep learning curve but we learned all the ins and outs.

Next we went to Mexico.  Luckily we had all of the customs and that stuff figured out because if we did not it would have been miserable because I can speak Spanish but I a not super familiar with their customs and work habits.  I had to be very patient.  The mid afternoon Siesta always threw me for a loop.  But after many bumps and bruises we got our product in Mexico and our business started to boom.  And I mean really boom.  Once we got established in Mexico we stared to move all across Central and South America.

Let me tell you they know about style and fashion in South of us.  They were crazy for out product.  Our partnership was awesome or I should say still is awesome.  The owners of copper hangers are reasonable people and know how to treat partners and employees.  I got a ownership stake and get a check on a regular basis.  And just to think that this was all over selling hangers.  Hangers  actually have an interesting story according to Wikipedia.  Especially when it comes to clothes.  Check out that article and tell me what you think.

The crazy thing is that our main competition is the container store and they do not even sell copper hangers.

I am not partnering with multiple online companies and getting them to be bilingual.  Some are great success and others are not but the main point is that the opportunity is out their for me because I know multiple languages and I now how the whole online world works.  So My advice again is go learn another language and find a way to cash in on it any way possible.


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