Choice Words With A Limo Driver

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Choice Words With A Limo Driver

Yes I had a pretty interesting experience with a limo driver.

My wife and I decided to go to the Oregon Wine country for a day and we decided to do it in style.  I contact a limo company that we found online  The car and company was actually wonderful.  The price was right and they knew exactly where we wanted to go.  They even had a few suggestions for us which ended up being some of the best wineries we visited.

We actually got our list of wineries to go to from Wine Spectator Magazine.  The list was good but the limo company knew of all the hidden up and coming ones.

But I don’t know about you but I have always dreamed of being being around people speaking a different language and having them not know that you can understand everything they are saying.

That happened on this limousine trip.  Not exactly with me but with my wife because as you know from my other posts it is my wife that is bilingual and not me unfortunately.  The driver was actually really pleasant but he spent a lot of time on his phone while we were driving and the conversations he was having were in Spanish and you could tell he assumed we could not speak Spanish because he was kind of making fun of us while talking to his friend on the phone.

The stuff he was saying was actually really true once we were able to step back from ourselves and looked at who we really were.  It was just general stuff like these crazy people wanting to go to these wineries to taste wine that tastes all the same and just small funny stuff like that.  The comments were actually really fun after we thought about them.

So when we were nearing the end of our excursion at the last winery my wife decided to start speaking to the driver in Spanish.

Wow.  You should have seen the drivers expression when he found out my wife was fluent in Spanish.  He was so embarrassed.  He apologized like crazy.  We started to play with him and act mad but eventually we could not hold back our laughter and started to crack up.  When the driver found out we had a good sense of humor you could tell he was relieved.  He actually was really sorry and so he decided to take us to one more winery on him.  He actually knew the owners and they gave us the tasting for free but he said he only takes special people he likes to this winery and it was by far the best hands down.

I guess the moral of the story is to not take your self to serious and yes it does pay to be bilingual again and again.  And being nice to people really pays off.  We could have been all offended and yelled at him and he then probably would have taken us home and that would have been that.  But now we have a friend for life.  Sometimes the driver will call us when he has a free afternoon and take us to a winery because he likes us and he knows he can have some fun.


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