Bilingual Tow Truck Driver

A Tow On Christmas Eve

As you know from earlier posts I am striving to be bilingual in Spanish.  My wife is and all of my kids are but I am not.  I am striving to be but I am not bilingual yet.  Actually I am not even close,  I am still leaning on my two years of high school Spanish and the only reason I passed is because I sat by some smart people.

Back to the story.  I was traveling with my kids to see my in laws who happen to live in Portland.  My car happened to break down on the highway and I was able to pull over on the side of the highway.  But here I was with my car broken down on the side of the highway with all of my kids and it happened to be Christmas Eve.  With it being Christmas Eve their were not very many tow truck companies open but I happened to find one and it was

It took me a while with calling many companies but I found this one on the 5th page of Google.  They were the only one open.

So we waited an hour for them to show up and they eventually showed up.  But when they got there I was in for a huge surprise.  The drivers spoke no english at all.  They knew hi and bye but that was about it.  My high school Spanish was not going to cover it.  I was afraid they were going to pick up my car and just drive away somewhere.  For all I knew they were going haul it away to the scrap yard.  I was pretty fearful.  The guys were really nice and they looked very trustworthy but I just could not communicate with them.

Thank goodness I had my kids with me.  I got my kids out of the car and my oldest starting chatting a storm with the drivers.  We come to find out that one of the drivers is from a town that my wife studied abroad at which was Querétaro.  And the other drivers sister happened to be one of my daughters teacher.  So I guess it happened to be a kind of magical night.

It really went to show me that I needed to learn Spanish and fast.  I am missing out on a whole world out their.  I agree that if someone is living in America they should speak English, but that is only possible in a perfect world.  How else are they going to learn English if no one can communicate to them in their own language.

Anyway I feel it is best to be prepared for every situation and  a lot of sticky situations can easily be solved by open polite communication.  It does not matter what language you are speaking in but problems can usually be solved by open communication.

And polite communication is key.  People can be so rude at times and it is amazing that all people want is to be treated fairly and nice.

Thanks goodness my kids were with me.  I am very grateful for that tow truck company.  They were the best.  On the way home I treated them to a dinner and they were very appreciative.  But the crazy thing was that nothing great like this would never have happened if my kids were not able to communicate with them.  Again know multiple languages is very important.

Now I am out their telling everyone about this tow truck company because they really saved me and my family on Christmas Eve.

The best part was that since it was Christmas Eve and I treated them to dinner and just treated them with some respect they towed my car for free.  Wow what a great company.



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