Bilingual SEO In Portland

As you already know I am very pro anybody being bilingual and if you are against it you are a dinosaur.  As I have been preaching if you are bilingual in America you can get almost any job you want.

But my new revelation is still the above but if you want to be an entrepreneur and are bilingual then you have just immediately increased your potential customers.  Now the hot industry right now is digital marketing and especially SEO.  My friend who has a whole family that is bilingual has a SEO company and I have been bugging him like crazy to go after hispanic businesses because they need his services.  The hispanic community in Oregon is huge and it is growing fast.

Their are a lot of hispanic families that own business that primarily cater to hispanic families because of trust which I totally understand.  But a lot of these business should be expanding and growing outside their communities because they do awesome work and anyone would be thrilled to have them do work for them whatever the service might be.

What I love about hispanic businesses doing work for me is they always show up on time and they are always working.  Like the plumber I had over the other day, he showed up on time and finished in no time flat.  Their was no down time and water break.  The job just got done with no issue and no complaint.  These type of business need to get known to the public at large.

The best way for them to get know to the public is for them to get a website and then get it on the first page of Google.  Because lets face it if you are on the first page of google you are where people are looking.  Forget the yellow pages and billboards.  All eyes are on Google looking for services.  And people rarely go past the first page.  Because the first page is such prime real estate it is usually difficult to get there.

That is where my friend comes in.  He is awesome at getting business on the first page and doing it all white hat meaning he does it without breaking googles rules.

If you need help getting your business found please click the link above and he will help you out.  You can ask me but he is not revealing to me all of his secrets.  Darn him.


Till next time.


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