Yo Hablo

StudyYo no hablo Español.

Thats right I do not know how to speak Spanish.  I need to learn.  I actually really really need to learn for these reasons:

  1. You can pretty get any job you want if you are bilingual
  2. My whole family is going to be able to speak it and I will not be able to.
  3. It just good to know because it will broaden where I will be able to travel comfortably.
  4. Again the opportunities that are open to you are amazing

So there are so many reasons why I need to start speaking Spanish.

I currently am out of a job and as I am searching I see so many awesome jobs that pay really well and at the end of the post it says you need to be bilingual.  We seem to be at a shortage of good quality competent people that can speak multiple languages.  If I could speak Spanish I would have had a good job a long time ago.

So the question remains is what am I going to do about it?

Here is what I came up with:

  • Take classes
  • Listen to an audio
  • Take one of those Rosetta Stone courses
  • Only speak Spanish at our home
  • Travel somewhere and learn it fire by trial

I would love to do the travel part but I have a family and can’t do that.  I have tried the audio and I get half way through and get bored or fall asleep.  Speaking only Spanish at home is a possibility but we have a real young one right now and we are trying to get him to speak English right now.  So my two options are take classes or go the Rosetta Stone route.

Once we get some money saved up I would really like to take a class at the local community college.  I really like to attend classes and I really think I would learn a lot because I have a wife that knows it all.  Rosetta Stone is another option but again I think I would get half way through and loose interest.  At least with the classes I would have some accountability and that is important.  I want an A.

I would love to hear if anyone has had good success with Rosetta Stone or audio tapes.  If you have please tell me how you did it because I am open to anything and would love some tips.  Please comment below and let me know.


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